The Lone Cryer

“MAY YOU ALL ROT IN HELL” he roared loudly sitting on top of the mountain which witnessed the entire town. His eyes burning red with anger and heart turning bitter with hatred. It had been countless years since he had made the small cave- well hardly a cave, it was just a small gap in the mountain just large enough to fit a grown man. But for him it was his home, home that gave him shelter in the darkness and in rains. He had lost all track of time, he didn’t care what month which year. He had long unruly grey hair which reached till the end of his spine and long rough beard which reached well below his chest. Hidden in between were his eyes which were dead silent for most of the time except for occasional outbursts of anger or sadness.
No one had seen him smile, not as far as they could remember. Number of times they had seen him crying in pain which he’d never share with anyone. Pain whose reason he believed would hurt more if he’d talk about it. Pain which never died all throughout these years. Pain which had now become inseperable, a part of him. Only a mad-man could be like this, the naive thought so they thought and called him ‘MAD’ while those who were more liberal minded thought there had to be a reason but since they did not know of any, they called him ‘THE LONE CRYER’.
Years ago a corrupt and filthy politician of an underdeveloped part of India had a secret extra-marital affair with a girl. This girl did not come from an educated or financially developed family. Naive and Innocent as she was, she seemed nothing more than a bait to lust hungry wolves. One night when the simplicity of her heart deceived her to trust him she allowed him to enter her sacred place of self-respect. After that he just won’t visit. ‘He must be busy’ she kept fooling herself. Later she was blessed with a baby boy. ‘He would be happy to know about this’ she thought to herself. Little did she know that this child which she thought of as a gift of love was nothing less than a curse of lust in that politician’s life.
She paid a visit to his office where he behaved as if he didn’t know her at all! She left the place with a bleeding heart. ‘So he never loved me at all?’ she thought to herself. Not that he didn’t love her but deep down he was scared. ‘What if the opposition comes to know about it? I would be the laughing stock of the town.’ She left for her lonely home. Her family had already rejected her because of that child and so had the society that she had known of. A few days later, this politician visited her place with a couple of goons. He offered her money if she would leave that village and settle somewhere else or both the child and the mother would be killed. Hardly a choice, she chose life. ‘I would raise him to be a better man, a man with morals and values not a materialistic pimp’ she thought to herself as she moved towards a new life.
Brought up in a family without a father, he was unlike any other child. He learnt how to do anything by himself. He didn’t run away from loneliness, he embraced it. He learnt how to mend his own wounds. Unstable from the core he learnt how to bluff a stable crust. He learnt how to wear the mask of an expressionless face so that no-one could reach the turbulent river of emotions inside. He didn’t want to end up being a victim of someone’s cruel intentions and who knew who meant harm. It’s a cruel and deceptive world after all!
His mother did her best to provide him with care and comfort yet he never loved his life. There was a hole in his heart which yearned for a father but her mother had never trusted another man ever since. He loved his mother, he was aware of the struggles and hardships she had to go through to raise him and he was grateful to have her but alas this happiness was short-lived. In a few years timewhen the boy was nearly ten, his mother passed away due to Tuberculosis. He had to drop out of school and look for work. ‘I would grow up to be the kind of man my mother wanted me to be’ and he did.
He got married, had two beautiful kids- a girl and a boy, had a pretty wife. He prospered more than his undeserving father, more than his mother could imagine. A successful land-developer but he never chose money over his family’s happiness. Life changes after all. He now had everything, servants, cars, bungalows etc. but what he really appreciated the most was the fact that this money hadn’t managed to spoil his kids who were now in their early twenties but to me they’d always be kids he thought.
One fine day, he left for a business trip to a foreign country but he came back to find his world shattered. An earthquake had hit the town in which his entire family had died. He saw his wife’s dead face, pieces of his kids’ bodies. He didn’t know where to go, whom to blame. He broke down. Loneliness found him again.
The Lone Crier woke up from his meditation with a heavy breath as one wakes up from a nightmare but sad as it may be this wasn’t his imagination but his reality. He felt a sudden pain in his heart, he knew his time had come. He thought of his dead mother, wife and kids. ‘I am coming to you guys’ he thought to himself and smiled for the first time in so many years as he prepared for his final sleep.

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