The Lost Faith

It was the age of exploration
The age of major change,
The age at which
We try out new things.

I too tried,
Tried out things
Which people told me, I couldn’t do
“It is not possible,
At least not by you”
They would say…

“Is there any harm in just trying?”
I would ask…
Of course, there isn’t.
But, saying this,
There was something inside,
That told me…
I, must succeed,

So, I tried
And tried,
Only, to fail…
Not just once,
But, enough number of times,
For me,
To lose all my hope.

Then I tried
Doing things, I could do.
The story didn’t change.
No matter how much,
How many times
I would try,
The result was nothing but,
More pain,
And repeated failures…

The biggest failure…
To convince myself
Of being capable
To do, or accomplish

I had lost,
Not to the world.
But, to myself.

I gave myself a label,
A label that I thought
Suited me perfectly…

The confidence I once had,
The faith I had in myself,
The faith everyone had in me
And the confidence everyone had in me,
All was lost.

I failed repeatedly
Only to realise,
I was trying the wrong thing.
So, I changed my direction.

I’m about to enter another street…
But I am scared,
Even more than ever before!
I may be having hope and faith of others…
But those flames within,
Have been completely put out.

The only hope I have,
Is I will find the lighter
That will light the flames
Of my long-lost faith.

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