The Magic of Books

“Reading is boring! It’s just words!”
That’s what you used to say, remember?
Until you were once sitting in your room,
With nothing but a book as your partner.

You picked up the book
And while reading the first page,
You thought “Who even reads?
In this day and age?”

But as you read about their lives,
And the problems in each town,
Try as you might,
You couldn’t keep it down.

You sucked in your breath,
As the plot slowly cooked,
And even before the twist came,
You realised you were hooked.

The papers cut your heart,
And the words left you shook,
Until you finally realised,
Why it’s never ‘Just a book’.

And as you turned the last page,
You felt your cheeks become wet,
Until you finally broke the barrier,
Where fiction and reality met.

And now look at you,
Having read books galore.
Don’t you wish you had,
Started reading before?

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