The Man I Adore

He is not perfect but he’s smart:
Quite a gentleman with sanity
And the way he presents himself,
With a warm smile on his charismatic demeanor
Makes me wonder, how can a man possess such ability?
When you look at him
There is vision in his eyes,
And pride in his sophisticated style
He is not perfect but he is a thinker
Just like the serene moonlight he is the sky of wisdom
Wearing the fabric of etiquettes
Like the divine from heaven,
Enlightening his surroundings with happiness
And like I said,
He is not perfect but he is smart
So, many may not get a version of him
But I don’t blame them
As he carries grace in his words,
My dear, He is an intellect with a sense of elegance
And the wisest among the elite class
He is not a prince charming with a crown or a majestic castle
Neither will he fancy you nor lure you with deception
But the way he naturally expresses himself,
I must admit, he do gets all the ladies’ attention
He has a heart of a child
And that sharp mind of his? always racing with time
His thoughts are secluded from others
But he knowns how to act right
One day I’ll meet him and when I do,
I’ll mention his name
And like I said before, he is not perfect but he is smart
And always will be,
The man I adore the most in my heart

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