The Midnight Cradle

City lights scream like bleeding stars,
People dance, forlorn, in busy bars;
Cigarette smoke floods the air
And for a minute we forget all the pain we bear.
We dissolve into the night,
Like the pills we swallowed in fright
Of looking deep within ourselves
And finding nothing but a child that delves
Into their immature feelings too much;
A person who longs for the touch
Of a kindred spirit who loves,
Like a mother onto her son’s ,
Like a lover onto their other ,
Like a sister onto their brother,
Like a true friend onto yourself,
You delve deeper into yourself .
In a strange hint of irony
Like your drink that’s a little lemony,
The taste of sweet burning liquor
Dances well with your passion
For this Life that tends to flicker
And you fall ;
Like love at first sight,
As the city draws you in with its fluorescent light
And you dance and sing and scream and shout
Of the life that pushes you around and about,
You love the cold embrace of the city night
That loves you not much but just right.

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