The Mystery Woman

An insomniac mind with a blatant soul enters my ruptured world one day… My crimson red scars, the grey heart and those trembling knees could not resonate with her oozing elegance. The heart smiled at this coincidence and asked, “Who’s there??” … To my surprise, nobody answered. The anxiety went a notch higher when a lean silhouette could be seen at the other end.. With kohl around her lash lines, blood red matte lipstick, a neckpiece resting swiftly on her invisible collar bones, a peach coloured top resembling the chubby cheeks of a schoolgirl, unkempt frizzy hair running upto her waist, earrings like the mist droplets on a winter morning, a giggle as turbulent as the ripples in the ocean; she enters the mysterious dungeon. The wicked mind was skeptical, but the foolish heart whispered in my ears ….”Let the thoughts travel, let the feelings flourish, let the confusions sail, let the disturbances settle, let the hopes prevail and let the love prosper” As soon as I was going to tap her from the back, she just dwindled away like those fireflies in the dark…

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