“No way! This cannot be real.” Sweat was dripping from my brow. It was the same metro stop, city, and time.
“Preita! You’re still dreaming.” I rubbed my cheeks, but it was reality. My mother advised me not to chase my nightmares, but how could I not when they had followed me from childhood?
And finally, I’ m at Kolkata and standing on the grounds of Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, where I usually commit suicide in my nightmares.
From the layer of unusual silence, I could hear footsteps approaching me. “Madam! This is the final ride. T-A-K-E it. Services for the day will be terminated shortly”. The station master advised and left me perplexed.
I wanted to put an end to this haunting. Tension could be seen in my eyes. I board the metro with trepidation.
“Indeed, Preita!” You are brave! You can conquer this nightmare.” I mumbled this to keep myself sane.
The sound of sobbing shattered my concentration.
“I want Mommy.” “Take me home.” A little girl there kept crying.
“Hey! What’s your name? I approached her, and the little girl got terrified.
“ I’m Dakkini. ” She hugged me as if I were her only hope. “Take me home.”
“Can you tell me where you live?” Do you remember your mother’s number?
I checked my phone, but dang! No signals.
” NA-RAK-YAAM.” Her voice was breaking, and she was looking at me with hope.
I double-checked the map. It was the last station, but I had never heard of it before.
We reached the station.
The station was filthy, there were few lights, and the chilled air there was suffocating me.
I held her hand and walked straight out of the station.
“’It was a village.” I looked around me since it was gloomy and cold. “How you live here?” I rubbed my hands together.

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