The Number Game

I’ll tell you what I really am,
I am of numbers made,
Although I’m a human being,
With digits I’m surveyed.

Who am I if not for numbers,
I’m inadequate otherwise,
I have a name some know be by,
But it’s only a disguise.

The one thing that rules us all
Is time and all its charm,
What wakes me up every morning is
The number on that alarm.

And then to tame those coveted vitals,
And calorie count to trim,
I’d go for a run and then for a swim,
Or even hit the gym.

And when it came to “accomplishments,”
It all came down to this,
The numbers on my pay check decide,
Whether I’m a hit or miss

But then to make those wages mine
A bank I have to see,
Where they know me by my account number
And some password or a key.

Most times I’m just my phone number
And not so much my name,
That’s how I’m often defined now,
How digits play their game.

And when it’s time to hit the sack
I monitor my clout,
The more the ‘likes’ and ‘followers,’
The more elated I am, no doubt.

Will I ever be someone sans the numbers?
Sans the atypical entity?
For no matter what I ever do,
A number is now my identity.

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