The Older Sibling

The Day finally came
When my brother had to leave the house.
It was a stepping stone to his career
Of which my parents were both happy and proud.

I was immune to display emotions,
Especially to those who mattered the most.
Deep inside I was overjoyed,
As to my days of servility
I was going to a say a final goodbye!

His room will be my room,
His video games – were mine to claim.
His bike, now I was going to happily ride!

The pleasure one derives in seizing a sibling’s treasure
Is hard to explain in few lines.

After several months, he was back from his hostel,
Weighing almost half of what he used to be.
My exams were about to commence,
And I needed his dire help
On the topics that went tangentially out of my head.

He was his usual self while teaching concepts
Which left me with a running nose and watering eyes
As he packed his bags right before my calculus test
I imagined the vacuum that lay ahead.

I was sulking big time;
My parents thought I developed anxiety
But, for me, my shield was gone

Which made me realize
How hard it is to be without
Your siblings once they are gone.

Yes, as the younger ones
We enjoy our freedom,
But we do cherish our mini battles;
Our sweet memories and our days of solace
That we once shared, once with the elder ones.

It is from their experiences that we learn the most,
And it is their opinion which matters the most.

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