out of the days which went so blue
out of my soul which had no clue ,
the essence of the complete animation, just reading the name of the place far from home
from whence I behold through a blue haze
where the water flow from the mountain spring
where the grass remains green
where there’s always the mind so keen,
which resembles the eternal rocks beneath
a visible delight to my sight
the place where the eyes that sparkle ,
that’s the place I’m heading
where everybody there to admire
whatever you desire ;

like not here where every fool is sent off to flight with a mission and a lie ,
like a gitter tethered to a pot
and just a tintype with your musket and courage on display sometimes.
like who goes for a wood in winter and comes back in spring with a whistle
of the dread of learning that had fallen
to have travel thousand of terrible miles from east to west,
on the reckoning searching from the wish ,luck or the eternal peace.

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