The Perfect Date

I never really was a date person,
Would rather just go with the God’s plan.
Planning is tiresome while spontaneous sounds fun,
Dressing up all good and smelling all nice, selling yourself like a salesman.
Making the other person like you for who they want you to be,
A soul trapped in a body that just wants to be free.

I realise looking back at that day,
The sun was shining all along, just far-far away.
Went to the club hoping I’d drown my sorrows,
Hoping to get through the lows & maybe a few vodka shots.
What are you supposed to do when you’re feeling all blue?
Not proud of myself, but there are things you don’t and things you do.

So high and for a moment, I was up in space,
Reality hit me hard, turned around and then I took a gaze.
There she was dancing to the tunes,
The world disappeared right in front of my eyes as she was surrounded by all sorts of goons.
I had to know her at any cost,
See, in that moment, she’d be my home any time I’m lost.

A Silver dress coupled with the matching heels,
She had a way about her that I thought my wasted heart would never feel.
A carefree soul setting the stage on fire,
If I say I wasn’t impressed, I’d be a big fat liar.
She was dancing all crazy but God, she was enjoying herself,
The goons felt weird but I wanted to join her myself.

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