Before starting the story I want you to know myself so…. I am a very mythological girl who believes in God, Hell and Heaven I also belife in Demon , fairy, vampires
curses, ghosts and all other mythological things. I also watch a lot of horror movies to gain some idea about stories or poems or any essay which I write and sometimes my
my stories are just rubbish and sometimes they are extreamly horror but this story which I am writing right now is the mixture of both the things horror and thriller.
I want to be a great story writer just like J.K Rowling but as I’m still practising to write stories it is not perfect by I hope whoever is reading this story of mine
is satisfied as I am still a beginner….so I don’t want to waste anymore time so, lets just get into the story.

We all know that vampires don’t exist but can it be true?

Once there was girl named Bella Olsen,she used to be a normal high school girl but one day a terrible car accident changed everything. She thought she died
but when she woke up she found herself on her bedroom. She thought that she was fine but soon it turned out that she tured into a vampire. She hid her true identity
and started going to school, there she met a girl named Ashley soon they become friends,even though Ashley was her best friend[BF] she didn’t tell her about the
accident and how she truned into a vampire. Things went well until one day when Ashley told Bella that she wanted to talk to her bout something very important,
Bella was confused but she ageed. Later on, in the evening around 5 to 6pm Ashley came to visit Bella, and with no further delay Ashley told that she is also a
vampire even though it washard to believe that for Bella she hugged her BF with joy and tears, she was happy but also had tears in her eyes, and patted her back
and wispering in her ears that [she herself is a vampire] bella and leaving Ashley in shock, Bella went home.
Later that night Bella having a fearful guesstuer on her face as though she felt someone watching her but she kept that feeling aside and got to bed.Bella
saw a girl 2 or 3 months older than her carrying a baby on a basket with a letter and giving to someone and not not even a second later that little girl got hit by
a truck and with that she got up sweting of what she just saw. She got up and got ready to go to school she couldn’t forget that dream, she was constantly thinking
about it like it’s constantly playing on loop. She was so engrossed in her thoughts she couldn’t even realise when the school bell rang, in the cafeteria Bella told
Ashley everything that had happened to her yesterday, and hearing that Ashley sympathized her and asked her to forget about it and just consider it a dream and also
saying that dreams cannot be reality and with saying that Ashley went home leaving Bella ina confused manner, while going back to home Bella meets a women who had her
face covered in a hoodie and she said “stay careful” and saying that the women dissapered everything was going strange and suddenly it started raining while she was
standing in the shade she saw an old women walking with a stick Bella was now starting to walk towards the women when Bella took 2 steps the old lady would take 6 step
Bella was confused she thought how can someone walk so fast at the age of 61 even with a walking stick suddenly, the lady stoped walking Bella was scared she ran fast
towards her house and when she reached her house the things she saw was blood; blood all over the house and with that Bella woke up for real and she looked around
herself and thought it was just a dream she asked herself “was I seeing a dream in my dream”? and then she felt safe in her house.
while going to her school she felt like someone was following her, she tured around but found nobody then someone made her chock and carried her in a abondended
house the gorl had purple hair and her face was similar to Bella. When Bella woke up she saw that girl sitting on a chair, Bella asked “who are you? where am I? what
place is this?” , Bella was shocked when she saw the face of the girl she said ” y-you l-look just like me?” the girl smiled and said “yes,I look just like you cause
I am your sister”. Bella was ashtonished, the girl said “my name is Isabella, I was the one who carried you in a basket and then a truck hit me but I was saved and
went to the orphanage. Bella said “but my whole family is dead, do you know how they died??”. Isabella simply took Bella’s hand and gave her a letter. The letter
was written by her mom and dad which included that the ‘Browns’ had been an enemy of ‘Olsen’ and Bella and Isabella stay away from Browns. Bella was shocked as her
BF’s full name is Ashley Brown, Bella realised that she never told Ashley her full name then, Bella invited Isabella to stay with her.
Next Day, Bella tells Ashley her full name, as her family killed her BF’s family, the friend who helped her in her wrost to worst condition. Bella thought”things
which happen in the past cannot be reversed but the future is mine” Ashley begged Bella to forgive her and her family and Bella did, Bella whole heartedly accepted
the truth, then they become friends again. At Night, even thought Bella known’s who killed her family but till now her horrifing dreams are not stopped. Every single
night she walks up horrified by her dream and sees Isabella comforting her. In the morning, Bella found herself at a hall standing firm and all the other vampires
bowing towards her. Soon, Isabella came and told her that now you have to take my place, you are the new Queen of vampires. Bella was suprised as well as happy,
latter Bella was crowned the thrown of the queen. She served her kingdom as well as the people who lived in the kingdom.

Now we see a women narating this whole event to the students in the class and with the story ending the class ended and we see a women going to her office room
then she stops and slowly turns to us and we see vampire fangs and then she goes and the story ends.

By-Smita Acharjee

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