‘The Power and Beauty of Silence’

The language of God to conceive Faith in His believer is Silence,
The moment before and after the cacophony of the world is Silence,
The effect of intense sad news working its way towards the heart is Silence,
The lack of words to voice out the muddled thoughts in mind is Silence,
The time taken for a throbbing heart to break into million pieces is Silence,
The emptiness of the spiritual world turning into a void is Silence.

The early morning horizon getting ready for the Sunrise in Silence,
The sleeping flower bud waiting for its full bloom in Silence,
The moment before the wild beast pounding its prey in Silence,
The scorching Earth awaiting to quench its thirst from the monsoon in Silence,
The phase of a caterpillar in its cocoon to become a butterfly in Silence,
The appearance of a rainbow after a thunderstorm is indeed the beauty of Silence.

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