The race of death

God has started a new race of death
Unlike we humans he wants to do his best.
He is taking away all the good players to his place,
He is ready without a plan or even tying his shoe lace.
The list of people eligible for this race is mounting,
No resume, no CV, only your deeds are counting,
The honest, hardworking ones are picked up first
Then the ones who prospered, after beating their hunger and thirst.
He then demands some artist who achieved perfection in their art,
The asterisk here is that he must have sustained both
‘End and the Start’
The ones with big heart and forever giving hands
are needed the most.
He can pick these people without any warning just like a ghost.
You can’t knock his door with a zero-work experience and a resume which is fake,
He’ll put your loved ones to grave and just make your heart ache.
I guess he did so to make people realise their mistake,
Now he has decided to put his own creations at stake,
Will people still run for the race of lives?
Now the rules are changed, and all you have to do is strive,
For all those running in the race of life
The race of death has arrived!

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