The reader and the book

I know you love me
I have been observing you
The way your lips mouth the words I carry
The way you gently turn my pages
Keen on learning more about me

I know you love me
I notice the way I make you laugh
The way I make you gasp
The way I make you think
Dwell deeper into my worth, my purpose

I know you love me
You have been quiet about it
But I have been observing your fascination
My words seem to enmesh you
You make me blush
You make me feel desirable

I know you love me
Then why do you wish to end this?
I noticed the way you read the last remains of my existence
You had the semblance of chaotic calmness
My pages may have ended, but I continue to live
Please don’t let me go yet

I know you love me
You can keep me open like your heart
I promise you a lifetime of familiar joy
But you are nearing the end of my soul
Stay with me, don’t let me go

I thought you loved me
Then why am I kept aside like the rest
Once again, collecting the dust
I watched you pass by, looking through me
I saw your love, but you never could see mine

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