The restless night

I can hear the restless storm of blood in my bloodstreams.
My whole body is still while my mind is travelling edgy.
The peer pressure of brood is making cells anxious.
Fingers are fluttered , ears are fragile.
Soul is humming to fix the hole make the kin robust and chary.
Passing the time like counting the hairs,
seems so tiring and endless smear.
Feeling the pain of loved one’s makes me scared.

Dreaming my lord with my open eyes,
chanting with him through a incarnation ,
consoling my mind,
loafing my time in a deep flair.

Setting a bound without being kindred ,
hoping & cherish , adore the love,
asking for safety from the mighty lord.

Bring him safe with a healthy stake,
praying you lord with a mind discharging all the flake.
Removing the drake ,
taking a brake ,
listening to you with a heart awake.

I want to cry ,
I want to hug ,
I want to hold,
I want to shunk.
All I want to control this bulgy bunk,
Upcome this rusting junk.
Wanna sunk in the dusky bun ,
punk with a bubbling fun.

But all I can end up with a feeling of my heart pumping hunk..

Waiting for the moment to reach;
Expelling all the breach;
Listening to preach;
Holding hand for the better pleach.

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