The Revival of Love

The Phuchka is shedding tears as the moisture is penetrating through its imperfections, the cigarettes are reluctant to enlighten their soul, the nicotine is getting bored being confined in its filter paper for ages, the ash is getting impatient to punch this air of despondency, the coffee beans are dead tired responding to the racist remarks thrown at them, the whiskey is aging gracefully to love you till eternity, the stuffed sandwiches are peeking at you from those farfetched counters, the demerara pouches are facing the grind to save you from the sugary guilt, the deciduous army is pleading in front of the Autumnal deity to let them live, the brutal city is burying the dreams of holding your hands in those forsaken lanes, the stars are getting fidgety in an alien land to witness the blooming daffodil and an unfathomable story is getting anxious to unravel its mystery.

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