the right way

Through the snow I walked,
Leading not just one but many,
Holding onto the hope that’s left,
To stop, to rest and for the best.

The wind got stronger; unlike us,
Choking us, beating us down,
Hurting them more than me.

We’ve walked for miles,
Reaching nowhere we wanted to be.
Did I lead them or mislead them?
Did I curse them,
When I faced them?
Are they better off with me aloof?

We never went the right way.
We never got home.
We never saw the ones we loved.
We died with the snow that morning,
Perishing into nothingness.
Like the way we came in,
We leave unknown,

No one saw us,
No one saved us,
No one found us.

I wasn’t right for them,
Nothing but an ordeal,
Arrogant and ignorant.

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