The Saga of Love.

Behind closed doors,
Our energy was such,
That could melt up the four walls,
Make the air heated up,
With the mirrors being all fogged up,
Our bodies creating such friction,
That was more electric than electricity itself.
An electricity that could
Light up a dark town in Antarctica
And such heat
That could melt up the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

Your touch injected me,
Inside my skin,
Ran my blood
My heart rate reaching a bpm of hundreds
As I lost my senses.
You are like an illegal drug,
That has kick started my hormones
But it’s the fact
That I’d rather be high on your eyes than on cocaine.

Go on
Wear high heels
It won’t matter
I’d still stand
On my toes
To kiss you
More deeply

I’d eat a thousand poisoned apples from all the witches of the judging world just to kiss you and be your Prince Charming and have little dwarves like children with you, my Sleeping Beauty!

Maybe you were the last human God made
He probably did to himself what the workmen of the Taj Mahal did to themselves
Cut off His hands that sculpted
Such a beautiful masterpiece…

My love for you is like a Phoenix
No matter how many times you burn it down with your betrayal
It still rises up from the ashes…

It still feels
As if
I am tasting your strawberry lip gloss
And feeling the French kiss we used to share
I eat
The fruit of the same name.

They’d make a perfume out of your body odor
Goodbye dear musk of the deer
I dream about you in my dreams
A dream without you is a nightmare
I’d write love letters to you with my blood on the entire Effiel Tower of Paris
You still exist between the folds of my cerebrum.

You are a sunflower full of nectar, shining bright in the sun. And I am the honeybee that craves for your love pollen, tasting the sweetness when you kiss me, with my heart keeping buzzing on and on…

I’d propose to you in the middle of the sea,
Make you wear a wedding ring made if the ocean’s pearl,
Marry you on the most beautiful island
And live on a ship like the Titanic with you.

We will sail across all times,
With me as your captain and you as my navigation map,
Fighting against all human icebergs
And make our story more memorable than that of Jack and Rose.

I will be that kind of boyfriend
Who’ll hold a board
In front of the entire university
Saying ‘Will you go to the prom with me?’
That kind of lover
Who’ll propose to you
In a 7 star hotel
With the diamond ring in the glass of champagne.
A kind of husband
Who with his love energy
Will light all the candles in the honeymoon suite
In the Shangri-la hotel of love in Paris.
A kind of person
Who will make every night special of yours
By making love to you
In the exact same way
Like it was described In Fifty Shades Of Grey
Psst: Maybe even better than that, my girl…

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