The sky was on fire
But she was looking at the stars
The moon never caught her desire
She only wanted the aggravated flaming balls
Guessing which one would be her key to a happy ever after
She gazed and gazed
Until the smoke made her eyes dafter

She once had stars at her feet
And the moon bowed before her in defeat
Until she wrecked it all
And pushed her agonies to an inevitable fall
She had everything except that something
Now the sky was on fire
And she her mouth was turning drier

What had possessed her, she didn’t know
Was it a friend or was it a foe?
She felt betrayed
But her only chance to be saved
Was the gleaming ball of flames
She didn’t know how she was played by her own games
All she knew was that
The sky was on fire
And the moon wasn’t going to get any brighter

As the flames descended
She wanted to greet them and ask for the happiness she had once ended
But her the fumes had long forgotten about her tragedy
She was nothing but the epitome of insanity
So she consumed the burning pain and swallowed the tar
Still hoping she had found a star

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