The Stars Said So

The night we sat, hand in hand.
The night we talked, heart to heart.
The night we cried, end to end.
The night we loved, it was the beginning,
Of the sad tragedy, the stars saw coming.
You left words under my pillow,
A soft hole drilled me hollow.
“I’m no longer yours,” you’d said,
“I’d still bring you the stars,” my heart bled.
Will you close my eyes for,
I’d like to imagine it was a dream.
My love, you left me torn,
Torn to my unclad spleen.
Alas! you were my love.
And I choose to ghost not,
The things I’d still do for you,
The stars I’d bring you, defiantly,
You aren’t mine yet it mattes not,
Cuz the stars said so, undeniably.

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