The stringless puppet.

The world mostly had people that lived like puppets strung to control by worldly expectations and conformities. Yet, there lived a few that detached their strings to free themselves. So did Iris, a puppet who had grown up to bear expectations of just laying the tables right and ironing the cloths straight and crisp after cooking wholesome meals for her spectators. But one day she awoke life into her paralyzed mind and decided to detach her strings and run into the abyss. So she pulled her strings hard with all her might to break free, but fear was stopping her, so she stayed up trying every night with all her might when the world fell asleep. Alas, she broke free from her imprisoning strings, leaving her puppeteers and spectators speechless. The world looked down on her for choosing differently, yet she was not bothered by such judgements. She had begun to think about what she should do next? She came across an old sage dressed modestly, who was held by strings made of light coming from beyond the clouds. It looked completely different from the worn-out threads that controlled Iris from all the sides, above the soils and bellow the skies. So, she wondered if those strings that the sage possessed were a good thing or a bad thing. The sage walked towards her and asked, child, are you lost? Iris carefully answered, “I detached myself from my oppressing puppeteers to run out on my demanding spectators. So, I have no idea as to what I should do next.” So, the sage answered dear child, be not still in wonder for you will lay lost too long but go forth forward without a long pause because the beauty of a withering flower is in its ability to float along in the careless wind rather than to stay still and dry. Be of aid to those who need it as they cannot detach themselves from the world bearings like you”. After those wise words, the sage continued on its path, leaving Iris in awe but as she noticed the stride taken up by the sage, she saw how firm those strings were, yet the sage looked resilient and in control rather than a numb puppet. Iris decided to travel forward as advised by the sage. She walked past the burning sunlit sky and cold moonlit starry sky without rest, even when her foots started to appear worn out. She kept going in curiosity as to where does the world end. As she kept walking, she saw several puppets hanged themselves on a tree with their strings. She glanced a moment to see there was a pavement surrounding the tree with writings that read – “Panicked when controlled but fear deprived them the chance to taste freedom, So, chose to depart abandoning their life’s possibilities in question. So, fear not, travel forward to reach demise justly while discovering what lays ahead of every step you take.” She stood with fear until she read the writing and suddenly an expression of eagerness washed upon her face that led her on her way forward after laying flowers, on the pavement where the tree stood. After a while of walking, she heard a child crying helplessly reaching her arms towards the top of a tree. So, she remembered the words uttered by the sage, regarding the help she could provide on her way forward. So, she approached the child in despair and asked her what saddened her, and she said my kitty is stuck on a high branch. As Iris glanced at the child, she noticed the child was not bothered by her severed strings. So, after a moment of thought, Iris smiled gently and swung her strings on to a branch and gripped on tightly to her strings to climb the tree and secure the cat with several wraps made by her severed strings. As she offered the cat to the child that bore a face of relief she saw that the child was helpless due to the child’s puppet strings. So, she smiled empathetically and caressed the child’s head and bid her byes to keep walking. One evening as Iris kept wandering forward-looking at the beauty ahead, she saw an unattended child playing ball but absently running on to a road that had a fast car coming. So, iris ran to save the child and threw her severed strings and pulled the child toward her arms into safety. As iris held the child and looked around in search of a guardian she saw a father rushing towards her holding the juice pack but as she saw the worn-out strings that held around the father she sympathized with him for he was a puppet as just like the one she was, She handed the child and said please be careful and the father replied I can only hope that someday my child will set herself free as you to help someone else in need. Iris responded with a smile and said may she also have the strength to venture forward past the eyes that judged her diversity as well. Iris kept on walking while she helped many with her severed puppet strings. As she walked ahead, she saw many beautiful sights and one among them was few kids in a flower field playing skipping ropes using their severed strings with other kids who were puppets and weren’t. Some kids tied tins on their severed strings and ran around in joy, few other kids climbed trees to pluck fruits for the kids who could not as they were strung to control. She the kids saw her approaching they looked at her with such cheer and she smiled in joy and used her strings to tie a swing for the kids and returned the kids tied several blossoms on her remaining strings. Iris continued to walk ahead with such joy and there stood an old man who asked her child can you help me, and she said with a smile how may I help you? The man smiled and said please give me those severed strings of yours for my kids have no clothes they could be used to saw these gathered garments. She asked with a shocking expression but why my severed strings why not buy threads from a shop and he said I have no money for more garments nor threads. If I were to sew from your painfully severed threads, then those garments would last long, and your pain would have served a purpose for another life. Iris looked at her severed strings hesitantly and thought, if she gave them away, she’d never be able to go back. So, she thought again and felt it would be better if her pain could mean someone else an aid. Without another thought, she offered her strings to sew the garments. The old man carefully took her strings and left, with gratitude. She felt a bit lost, yet a sad smile appeared in the relief, she helped another. The sage approached her unexpectedly and said, I see you have journeyed far with such fierce spirit going out of your way to help. You are ready I believe, and iris questioned, ready for…? Ready to be held from above the skies and she said but won’t I be giving up my control? No child there is a power beyond the skies call it the universe, call it almighty but it is kind and understanding and when you have no clarity of your dreams the higher power will know through the strings that connect you with power above and it will lead you to the right path and defend you from the world that tries to trap you. You earned the trust of this power and the assistance and guard of this power by venturing forward into the unknown and helping strangers in need. As Iris stood in amazement, the sage said to raise her arms and stretch it up high with all her might. He asked her to say aloud- Lead me forward and be my shield when I am on unknown paths. My timely demise will only stop me because you will make me whole and wise. You will not let me go astray but enable me to be an aid to those in need. So, lit the sky with all so bright white light, broke open the skies to offer the threads of light to Iris. Iris looked radiant and in control as though her now new strings had ignited her. Sage smiled and told her that she would know at the right time, where to be and what to do because the power from above will lead you if you let it. Iris journeyed to many lands and helped many in need. She fulfilled the dreams that were forbidden for her before. As time passed, Iris aged in wisdom, elegantly and became a sage to help other stringless puppets that were lost.

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