Unlike fairy tales and fantasies, not all stories have happy beginnings… This is the lesson she learnt from a very young age. This world is cruel, unfair and selfish. Only the fit survive and she plans to take what is rightfully hers… In this world only a few select people had extra abilities also called as superpowers, these people were called Super humans. It depended on the type of power you were born with, for society to either worship you like a god or a criminal forever shunned and looked down upon…
“Sir, target #234 is heading to Inchape station, requesting all available police officers on duty”
“Lezar, send an order to all the police forces in the area and clear way for the Alizar, she must not escape!” “Yes sir, right away!”
The calm and quiet city scape was soon filled with the sound of sirens buzzing, “BLACK SPARROW Surrender! We have you cornered! Surrender now or face the consequences of breaking the law!”
The shadowy figure chuckled in amusement, “I’d like to see you try, catch me if you can!”
She gracefully leaped across each building, due to her grappling hook strapped to her waist, she had no problem in doing so, she was swift and no one had ever seen what she looked like. The police were right on her tail followed by the Alizar(the nominated protectors/ heroes of the city).
As the group closed in on her, she quickly rounded corners to stay ahead. “Sparrow, you hear me?” Her headpiece cackled “Yea, loud and clear, what’s the status?” She asked. “The road is being blocked ahead, looks like they’re desperate boss… They even got the city’s cops to be involved in this chase!” She softly laughed to herself, “I’ll be there soon as promised, make sure Bronze is ready.” “Yes boss, we’ll take care of the rest.” She swooped down rushing into familiar alleyways and shortcuts, “This should buy me some time”. She thought and pressed the headpiece to her ear “Werdian, report” Another voice answered “Boss, they police are round the corner, I’m cutting off all system communications and tracking devices in the area… Now!” She jumped into action, blending into the darkness of the lonely night as the sounds of the police sirens zoomed by. She held back a sigh, that was close, now she just had to make it back before something went wrong.
She waited for a while and then sneaked into the target parking lot, where she changed her disguise and drove a dark green car through the commotion and the confused chatter of the cops and the Alizar on the yet again disappearing criminal.
The mysterious woman then parked the vehicle at a distance and walked toward the dead end the alleyway, facing an old, torn down, abandoned building where in a swift movement, placed her hand onto a handprint sensor and punched in a series of set codes. On doing so, the sensor had immediately drawn back with a mechanical whir of affirmation.

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