The Universe of Books

A section that’s only visible to that reader
Who breathes in a whiff
Dwells on the fainted smell of these books
Left for quite a while on the shelves
Waiting for its next owner to look-
A journey to attain the ability of perceiving,
An expedition to infinite places
Where one lives a thousand times
Scrolling down and rolling over
Leaving their bookmarks on these pages
As one goes along the way
From prologue to epilogue then synopsis
Unravelling the mystery of these unread pages
Here time is everlasting
One could stay in this realm for ages
Solving crimes with the famous detective,
Be a narrator to a lover
A poet perpetually synching the words in order
Or the wild adventurer in the seek for treasure
A pirate; Both speculating and cunning
Or a wizard whose true potential is yet to uncover
A doorway to a dimension where you can be more than one
As many characters you like to cosplay-
A saint or a sinner
A thief or a phantom traveller
A comrade or a friend
With whom you want to discover
These benevolent words by the authors
And recipes by the renowned cooks,
All those platonic connections that one builds
In this universe full of amazing books

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