The Virus

What a life I lived
Reaching millions and billions
Around the world.
This tenure, I cherished
But what I hated, was the name given.

I came to being
After a human ate a bat.
Or so, they say.

I was of course rather curious
Of how these humans were.
They all seemed quite jolly,
Running around cherishing their life.
I was rather left out.

So, I joined them.
Partying with one human after another
How was one so different from the other?

As I thrived,
I learnt that each human had a land.
Called it their motherland.

I multiplied.
To discover as much as possible.
And learnt one common thing.

Humans are of two kinds
One are those who eat everything.
Yes, their veggies too!!
The second are those who eat everything…
But their veggies
Oh, dearest mothers, learn to feed your kids.

Or I shall begin.
Begin my reign…
The reign of suffering, death, and tyranny.

My project had already begun,
But the mothers or the kids never listened.
Oh, how could I even have thought
For the nincompoops to have heeded.
It was now time!

As the project boomed,
The tyranny began.
Poor helpless animals
Had no other option but self-imprisonment.

Soon after all the tyranny
The fools gave me a name.
A name so wretched and thoughtless
That I evolved into a multiplying machine.
Who names an instigator of tyranny after beer?
Shall the Führer be named as Beck’s from here on?

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