The Wallflowers

‘Why are you always so silent?’ ‘I have never seen you talking!’ ‘Why do you always keep to yourself?’ ‘You should mingle with others more often.’
And it goes on and on. The blast of questions and advices seem like a never ending ritual; the gravity of which escalates by those very kind inputs by people who have no business whatsoever in our matters. They, however, think it to be their responsibility to voice their opinions which are absolutely unnecessary given the very limited knowledge that they may possess about us. This eventually leads to an uninvited bitterness between us and the people who ask us questions and give advices, under the pretense of having a concern for us. For one thing, they may not know or definitely not know who we are or what our name is. Another being that interference, too, has its limitations and cannot be tolerated beyond a certain point.
I use the word “us” here as confidently as I could vouch for the falsehood of those people’s concerns. I am definitely sure that there are many people who come across such situations time and again. Sure it is quite annoying and can put one in a very uncomfortable situation. Many do not even hit upon the realization that the ongoing conversation is unwanted and unwelcome and so it is not only wise enough to put a stop to it but make sure that things are amended back with a positive note and in the best possible way.
But keeping aside such snoopy and curious characters, what makes it more of a concern is the silence of the person who becomes the target talk. Being an introvert is no flaw in a person. It is an attribute that thousands of people across the globe possess. It may be inherent or one may become an introvert. It can be changed, but certainly not overnight. It is not a short coming and it remains so until it is showcased to be one. Extroverts have enough friends to be able to go vacationing, partying, or enjoy a ‘let’s chill out at a café’ kind of a gala time. They may think it very boring of introverts to just while their time away alone in a library or simply just relaxing in their living rooms. But does that really count to being lonely? Does it mean that their “me” time amounts to no productive output?
If some people think so then they probably have got their facts wrong. One pen and paper in the hands of an introvert can turn them into an artist which they may have never thought they would be. Who is normally thought to be a lonesome kind of a person may turn out to be a great observer. Perhaps some of the best solutions to complex matters may be given by that one person from amongst a group of chaotic and clueless individuals. Unlike others, that person may take some time to socialize. But that time taken can be utilized to observe and understand people and get a clear picture of the reality. If that be the case then, unlike many others there would seldom be any case of being judgmental on the part of that person.
Quite often, introverts are regarded as weak personalities. If a person is weak then standing up for oneself might require herculean efforts. However, after a certain point one does learn to fend themself from emotional anguish or distress given by the society. But associating this characteristic with an introvert would be quite off base. On the contrary, it would be very judgmental of the people who assume so. They definitely require a serious introspection of their thought process then.
An important matter to ponder upon now is that person themself. Silence may help in certain situations. But remaining so till an indefinite time may result in adverse situations. While in school or college one tends to be in a protective bubble. But sooner or later it is bound to burst where that person will have to face the real world. A world which is void from care and concern for anyone. Most importantly there is no scarcity of immoral people who can go to unimaginable extents with their malign thoughts. This is why it becomes important that people do not take their introversion out in front of such people where it might turn out with negative effects. On the contrary, they should present themselves to the world as strong people who cannot be trifled with.
It is often said that one should change with time. But as long as you are not fooled, hurt or taken undue advantage of by anyone you need not make a change in yourself which you may think would be unfit for you. If change be required it should only be in your best interests and one which would be beneficial to you. So if you ever need to change, then change for the good, the better and the best but not for the rest. Because only when you accept yourself will you realize the strength of the true you and that you are an amazing person just the way you are!

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