I return home now, long at last
And silently marvel at the change in everything,
I’d missed everything about this land and its people
Longed for it, with every fiber of my being.
The fields are barren now, I see
And the children, less inclined to laugh and play,
Women do not chatter happily anymore
And the men seem a little more tired at the end of the day.
But we’re all glad to be back here once more
An we’re all glad to be safe and sound,
We’re thankful, for having escaped alive
Even as we mourn for those yet not found.
It has been a difficult time for all
But we have tried our hardest and gotten past,
For we know, we must be here when it ends
And we’ll be strong for as long as it will last.
The invaders have been defeated and departed,
To the cursed land, from where they had come,
But now we must begin to rebuild once more
For the war is over now, and we are home.

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