“The White Curtains”

Far beyond the deep blue sea,
Guarded by charm and magic was a golden island like a crown,
Upon the summit there stood an airy palace,
Decorated with white curtains made of linen,
With marble pillars and smooth plastered walls,
Where paintings of ancient traditions were drawn,
The white curtains waved and hovered,
With every breath of wind that showed up from the glittering ocean,
The rooms were bright and full of light,
The billowing white curtains misted the horizon,
Life was easy with luxury, music, and food,
Happiness and laughter adorned the floors of soft crimson,
The poets sang their merry songs from their concert repertoire,
While the white curtains stirred to the subtle wind,
Unforeseen to the impending doom,
The castle in full glory, acclaimed treasures from far beyond,
The twilight gave the candle lights a chance to dazzle up,
The glowing palace with a jolly celebration,
Filled with life, arts, and scrolls of poems,
Speaking the valor of the majestic King,
The evening sea breeze jerked soft smoke from candles,
Fluttering the curtains that hung by the glass windows that shown,
The reflection of the lights and the shadow of the fortress,
Enchanting the view from a distance on that gloomy afternoon,
When the classic furniture waited for the conquerors,
The cloudy white curtains were gently blown,
The masters of the dark world entered the music filling open halls,
In their black armor with fire so rampant,
The burning stronghold looked melancholy,
The sun sank; the day has gone darkening the bay to mourn,
Woe! To the mighty fort that has stood unshakable to the raging storm,
But has fallen to the blazing blades of the demon,
Before crumbling to grey ash,
A white curtain caught a spark and burst with sparkles for a brief, vivid moment,
Ending the history of the kingdom that soured so high with colors of gold and silver,
Tempting the angels to come down,
To live for a little while,
The glories have vanished with a flicker and burst into ashes that have blown.

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