The Windows knew it All

The windows knew it all,
When the gray cotton cloud masqueraded the sky,
Turning the wind cold and the marshy land dry,
The windows, knew it all

The windows knew,
As it stood on the marshy land,
That the storm is coming,
And with no helping hand,
It alone had to fight,
The cold wind that blew.

“Regale, regain”, it told itself,
As the storm reached the bay,
It had to protect the house that held it,
Preventing even a speck, let alone flay.

Trees, flew by, lands-uprooted,
Houses massacred, innumerable lives looted,
But the windows- they stood still.
It realised that it had the power that nobody could kill.

For days and days, it fought valiantly,
The patience, the endurance- remarkably saintly.

The house that held it- fought alongside,
Holding the window, firm and tight.
The window reassured- “it’s going to be just alright”

Just One day, the wind noticed it,
Cold and cruel,
it challenged just the window with a heavenly duel.

The window valiant and now again calm,
Accepted the challenge and fought arm to arm..

The wind almost furious and surprised,
Pressed on, harder.. the murderous pressure, alas, did suffice.

The windows bust open,
the house got filled with ice
However, The wind feeling triumphant,
Was met with one last surprise.

The home was still warm,
Melodies putting up a show.
The glass pieces though shattered,
With love and glory they did glow.

The wind furious,
Figured that here it could not linger,
For the house always remained warm,
As it belonged to a singer.

A winner of hearts,
With harmonies and tune,
The singer rested
Now having fought with the dune.

No sorrow, no plight.
In melody he rested, among the eternal light.

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