The world we live in,

Simple things may not be as plain as they seem,

And complicated may not be as twisted as they look like.

There is no definition of good or bad,

And no secret key to unlock happiness,

There is only just you and me,

Fighting and adjusting to be in this space together.

There is just us and our family,

Squeezing here and compromising there in order to live under the same roof.

There is just our family and the society,

Making rules and forcing each other to live within their limits.

There is just the society and our small world,

Where people as easily separate as they meet.

Where living beings have less value than dead ones.

Where death sometimes bridges those distances,

that while living,

people never care to mend.

This is the world,

Where people are restless in their own lives,

And go hopping to places,

in order to find serenity.

Some find it at the hilltops,

watching sunsets or sunrise.

Some find it at the beaches,

listening to the fall and rise of the waves.

While some find it trekking at the mountains,

Others find it amidst nature’s glorious views.

But nothing lasts.


this turbulence is within.

A person needs to be happy with oneself,

in order to be at peace with one’s surroundings.

And this happiness comes from doing what is right,

And contentment comes from walking on paths chosen by God,

who is neither yours nor mine,

He is ours,

He is one for all.


  1. Harjyot

    Perfectly penned down the reality and emotion phase. Waiting for more. Rise and Shine bright. <3

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