The World

My body is getting strong
But my soul is broken
My lips may be sealed
But my wounds are still open

In a world full of noise
Silence is gold
No-one can hear my voice
Guess I am getting old

Hiding under the cloak of work
Striving for impossible perfection
On your face I can see a stupid smirk
But jealousy is your real reaction

When everybody has a hidden agenda
Unconditional love becomes a rebellious act
Leaders have become serial offenders
Shamelessly they turn a lie into a fact

Obsessed with variety
Loyalty is out of question
Confused by anxiety
And murdered by expectation

Blinded and divided by religion and caste
The system has become corrupted
Humanity is now a thing of the past
As innocents are denied justice

Nothing would ever bother my heart
I have built a strong and thick wall
Your deception is a cruel art
I have become oblivious to your call

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