There is no Planet B

My Child, I am Crying,
Because my Planet Is Dying.”

I was lonely, abandoned, and inhabited for most part of my life when came into existence 4.54 billion years ago. Then happens a miracle and to my utter joy, I gradually changed into an attractive Planet. I was blissful and proud to be the mother of beautiful green lands, blue oceans, fresh impetus air teaming with life and vegetation.
You came very late in my life but being junior-most, became my favorite. But unfortunately! This peace was not forever. Soon your mind was seized by greed, avidity, and selfishness, & then to satisfy your insatiable ego, you started the horrifying awful process of tormenting and deteriorating me. Sadly, even I let you dominate, subjugate and exploit my other children, did not taught you to be in discipline and to differentiate between right and wrong when you were young, but kept forgiving you for your bad behavior.
You polluted my oceans, choked me with exhaust fumes in cities, made me barren and infertile, Set me on fire with increased temperatures, drowned me in devastating storms and cyclones, made me look ugly by your wastes, burnt me with acid rains, made me bleed through thousand cuts by putting down trees and now making me sick of viruses. My dear child, you are determined to destroy your own home but let me remind you that “There is no Planet B.”
My child, ascertain your deeds and amend them. It’s never too late and never too old to be better. Being a Mother I only desire that one day you would make me delighted by your achievements – only if we both survive till eternity!
Love, now and always,
Mother Earth

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