There was a young boy who dared to dream
He was eminently talented, was blessed with the boon
His family invigorated him to cast beyond the moon
The thought of making it big made his eyes gleam

One fine day he got his big break
The orb of his ambition wanted a proficient newbie
Amiability and appreciative aura were their guarantee
He stepped in eagerly oblivious of the future which brought him heartache

He savored success at an early stage
He was cherished by one and all
Observing his opulence his “godfathers” began to brawl
His charm coaxed their rage

The formidable then excogitated a ruse
Suspecting their evil intentions, he wanted to elude
But he was abruptly wiped out with a slick collude
With a shock his family gleaned the desensitizing news

His sole mistake was his determination to attain
Because of which he had to go through hell
Where within a fake smile he forcefully dwelled
His talent , his charm and all his boon went in vain.

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