Those days

With no worries in mind, we used to play
without second thoughts, just blurted out whatever we wanted to say
rummaging through streets, we flew like birds
back to the days when we didn’t segregate brats and nerds

when pinkie promises were made to be kept
when for every unfulfilled wish, we crazily wept
but now it is not the same anymore
now waves are not the only thing at the shore

well now actions have consequences and words do hurt
now wealth and social image have replaced the happiness earlier given by playing in dirt
no one can be trusted, there is a mask on every face
everyone is a part of this silly rat race

friendship has become a game of profit and loss
our turn to do as we wish is no more decided by a toss
hello, I love you and how are you have been replaced by hey, ILY and ssup
oh! How I wish we’d have never grown up.

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