There was a thunder, thunder so strong

I was not able to hold on for long

I saw it coming, I saw it whirl

I kept faith and patience furled

I knew there will be scratches and some scattered pieces to pick up

But I never knew that it would break me up

No matter who was with me, they all faced the same

Some cursed, some called it shame

Some even said it was needed to be tamed

But no one was there to help me in this game

As the clouds grew darker and darker

Nowhere were the lights to make me feel brighter

I sought and searched to find some peace

But all I got was stress and cheat

It was so tumultuous

And I lost my own thoughts

Many were against me

So, I just fought

Not sure if I can survive this tempest

Still be able to hold hands of my dearest

Its wild and its fiery

Was not aware life could be so scary

With all the hope and trust I got,

Wishing clouds to clear

And boisterous to stop

It’s all destructive and devastating

But still, I will be waiting

My faith has not faded yet

And there will be a magical sunrise after this sunset

-Seema Vandure


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