The moment you’ve seen the sun, stars
The moon, the souls lurking through
Barely lit streets of life, where cats
Are smelling each other from afar and
Finding only misfits within people
growing cigars
in their empty mouths,
If you think it is sad enough
To ring bells and deliver news of
Sickness and disunity every morning,
If you’ve discovered there’s a forgotten discoloration,
A perennial itch, a bath that’s unhygienic
For us all
Beneath our earth’s pearl dress,
Where she’s pretty in some places, grown older than time
and smashed to pieces in others,
If you’ve found the broken bodies,
The tumbling waters, the people chameleons,
The trodden vestiges, flattened songs, the
Dirty skies, the gory thoughts,
Sour moods and stingy grapes
(Breathe in for induced agitation)
(Sigh to finish what’s begun).
Grow more skins to shed as it all proceed
So that we can live to see a day
That doesn’t need us to be
Regenerative lizards
But rather bundles of fragrance
Giving away feathers of innocent love

Even if it is few steps
Back in memory lane
Even if it means burning
The toxic bridges built
You were young singing rhymes
Now it’s known, it isn’t always going to sound nice

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