To Everyone Who Is Waiting..!

Everyone is silent; 
Everything is in silence.

As if the land is in deep sleep, hugging the pillow of darkness. 
Even the sky is silently snoring under the blanket of stars!

The sky turned into a blanket of darkness and stars, trying to
lure me to sleep, a good, warm and tight sleep. And here I am with
this tired body, waiting for eyes, restless mind and agonized soul
looking for someone…. Something… What?!
A dream? 
A passion?
A companion? 
A Soul mate?
For me, everything is the same as every one of them makes me wait.
Here I am, in the middle of the night… 
Like a sun shining bright. 
Looking… searching… waiting… Annihilating… Seeking

And here I am… under this tree, on the shore, facing the ocean and
alone…. A part of me is selling me the words that “time is
testing, it will pass on…” but deep inside, a voice is telling me
that “It’s nothing, you are just waiting… You are seeking…” Fate,
reality, etc. other reasons are lies you sold to you to cover the
hardships of the process!

And then I wonder why I can’t accept that I am waiting for
something and/or someone… 
Again that voice… In a low tone explained and I accepted it.


Waiting is hard it is pain…

It involves…. Loneliness…. Insecurity of loss 

Uncertainty of the result…

So, we often cloak it with other shadows 
But you continue to wait… to crave…

And so do I…

I am feeling that this night is too long and it won’t be easy
going through it. 
But it’s a lie, right?
No night is too long (or) too short. But there’s some truth in
that lie. What we go through in that time makes us feel long or
short time… Time is subjective, they say…
When we wait, the night is just too long…

It’s like you don’t know what and how to take a step 
Whether to stay there or to move away.
That whole night, every minute is a dilemma…
Conversations, intentions, decisions, feelings, hope, emotions….
Everything’s a dilemma… 
Time moves as if we lost in a dessert without any compass;
As if every direction is the same and we couldn’t figure out the
hell we want to do…. 
It happens… I think it is fine
For some time… just hang in there.
Forget about the fulfilment of the reason to wait.
Like me, if you are waiting for a way… we may not find it soon…
Like me, if you are waiting for that first break, first success,
first big step you deserve, time might test our patience more…
Like me, if you waiting for a person… seeking that particular
beloved heart…. We may not win it soon….
But hang in there… you might at least figure out the questions
about your waiting, for which, trust me, you will get the answers…
Those questions might question your very existence… 
But we shall knock them off as apprehensions.
As They might create tremors in your understanding of your life…
They might shake your belief system… might make you tremble…

Clouds do come but rain need not…
Light does come but the sun need not 
That doesn’t make them lies
Even this isn’t a lie… all those reasons, questions your inner
voice raises
Even this waiting isn’t a lie… listen to no one… It isn’t a
If an event that’s bound to happen didn’t happen,
Then that isn’t a lie… It’s just late…
Miracles are late…
They are heavy! They take time!
They are late… 
But trust them… believe in them… they did happen… they do
happen… they will happen! Just trust them…
Miracles will only take place to the ones who believe they would
They aren’t lies… They are just late…
Don’t compare your understanding of time to their process, they
are late as per you but they do happen… just on time!

It’s your inner voice that fumbles while getting to know them….

But hear them 
Accept them 
Embrace them!!
Once you embrace them, even if it takes time, you will end up with
answers… you will eventually end up with what you are waiting
for…. With what you are craving and desiring for!
But don’t run away from the questions. The existential crisis
might shackle every belief, every hope of yours…. It’s fine…. But
hang in there
I am hanging in there too…. I am embracing it…. I am accepting it
that even I am waiting, that even I am seeking… Particular
someone!! Particular Something!!
Finally, I accept and embrace the inner voice that I am waiting…
that I am seeking….
I am dreaming 
I am doing
I am fulfilling 
I am quenching 
I am searching 
I am inhaling
I am exhaling 
I am dying
I am living
I am everything
But yes…
I am waiting…

Oh, Sweetheart,
Let me tell you this secret, which a voice in my heart shared with
me. That is waiting, we are not the only ones to wait…. To seek …
lots of souls around us are awaiting… for something… for someone….

Morning and night 
Do come every day… 
We don’t know

For whom they are waiting for…

4 seasons never miss a year

7 colours never miss out on a rainbow       
Oceans and hills never make a move… they stand still… 

Lava erupts and comes out too
But they don’t tell us
For whom they are waiting for…

Rain always pours down,

Lightning and thunders never miss showing up 

Whenever they take birth,
Life (or) lifeless 
Beyond state and sense

Everyone, everything does send unposted letters 
Don’t know what they are sending for 
Don’t know whom they are waiting for!!

Waiting has always been there, from the very birth of this
universe…. An age for next age, a civilization for next one…. A
stage of evolution for next stage… who knows…. The universe itself
might be waiting… might be seeking someone…. Something…

Here I am…. 
When the world is sleeping…
In this night… 
In this darkness… 
In this place… 
In this part of the world, waiting….
I am waiting… I am desiring
I am waiting… I am seeking
And for every soul, may they get what they await 
May they be sought by what they seek….

And so he is waiting… he is seeking…..

While this is happening here, 
Not too far away from there…
But far enough not to feel their presence 
Somethings are on their way…
Someone is on her way too!
Like an endless rain, limitless waterfall, boundless abundance,
eternal fulfilment, she is coming! Everything I am waiting for is
They collectively sent an unnamed letter of hope in the form of a
breeze… It caressed my sweat-painted face, tired body, hopeless
heart and turbulent soul. 
And it unknowingly brought a smile to my face!

Everything you await is an untimely, uninvited guest and an
enthusiastic forever child. They always look to surprise the souls

that are waiting and seeking for them in this part of the
universe, who are unaware of those untimely guests. 
What we… awaiting souls are unaware of is that…
What we wait for… is awaiting us…
What we are wanting is wanting us… 
Their want is fueling your strength and conviction. 

Keep marching ahead with patience to get what, whom you love
beyond the nay-sayers! 
Relentlessness, resilience and roars are the silver linings every
love deserves and beautifies with!


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