To my Husband

I looked at you
And then away,
But somewhere deep down
You knew,
The life that we had lived,
In pain and alone,
Would no longer be true,
No longer a separate me,
No longer a separate you.

Oh how you tried,
Wooed and cried,
Until to you I yielded.
My arms around you,
I twined
And to you, my life, I bequeathed.
Thank you, my love,
My hero you are.
Vanquishing my darkness
To a place afar.
You’ve brought in laughter
Light and faith,
When all I had,
Was me and my wraith.
You gave me life
In more ways than one,
Helped me find myself,
When all seemed forlorn.
All this and more, you gave to me
The day, my darling husband,
You took me to be your wife.

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