To the eternally misdirected

A paradise I now envision
Exclusively for the eternally misdirected
The directionally challenged – those mugs-and-buckets
In a world of bathtubs and hand showers
Come along, and bring a friend

If you forget at the crossroad every time
Whither you are coming or going
And every honk, ring, or clang confuses
Doors to you are Schrodinger’s cats
Always appearing opened and closed
Come along, and bring a friend

Take the left, I point with my right
A universe of images laterally inverted
Even setting and rising suns expostulate
(Their silent obviousness escapes me often)
Earthrise, earthfall – I remind myself
Come along, and bring a friend

Beyond sense and non-sense
Beyond compasses and clocks
A field awaits, roomy if not quite Rumi
Imagination more fertile than soil
I sow there the seeds of my paradise
Come along, and bring a friend

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