Toxic Masculinity

I am a Man, Strongest among beings.
I am on top, making the rules and dominating everything.

I go to work, I toil all day. It’s my job to provide for the family.
I’m always in my prime. From my Birth to my Eighties.

So what if I’m a lazy man? Or if I lost my job?
Patriarchy is my birthright, That I take advantage of.

Men are the stronger sex, women are weaker.
They’ll say I’m not a man, if I become Meeker.

I cannot talk about my emotions, true men do not cry.
I’ll abuse and thrash like a bear, if someone tries to pry.

I have to make everyone laugh. Even if I’m not funny.
A man has to act like an ape, the resemblance is uncanny.

My woman can make a fair point. But, I don’t have to listen.
However Idiotic, I am still right. That’s the age old wisdom.

They say ” You’re not a man, if you’ve never had sex”
The jokes and pressure affect me. That’s the subtext.

Seeking help is never right, that’s the way to treason.
I am a man, I will have my way. Even if the result is prison.

I am a man, in the definition of time. But, Is that how I am really feeling?
Maybe I don’t want to feel this way. Masculinity needs a new definition.

I am a Man, I like to speak my heart. There is no wrong or right.
Rest the soul of the million men, who died of the toxicity without a fight.

If only, they became real men. By finding their true selves.
All suffering would end, outside and within. Both for men and women.

Being humble is not a weakness. It brings a sense of true pride.
Men also have insecurities. We need to unlearn ‘how to hide’

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