Troglodyte genesis

The vintage alarm clock rang near my mattress, it was 8 am. Holy sweet doodles!!! Mom expected me at 6:45 am but all of that stupid alarm clock. I don’t know why my mom has such a craze for vintage gadgets and I forgot why is called ‘ Antiquarian’. You must be wondering why my mom who is a billionaire loves to collect vintage gadgets Well she thinks it will shimmer all the mansion which we both live in. My mom Bexley Aphelion is like a best friend to me. Due to her teenage pregnancy, her parents means my grandparents abandoned her and left her to live on her own. My poor 17-year mom worked as many jobs as she could, Name as a bartender, barista and whatnot we used to live in a small apartment in an alley of Greece but one day a letter popped at our doorstep; it was huge and when my mom opened it there was a death wish written on a bunch of pages inside. It was from my great grandfather who was unknowingly a billionaire??!!!! And that’s how my mom’s life and my life came into existence. You know, I hate and love my house at the same time because first of all, it looks like a huge budget movie set for example the Hogwarts academy and second of all why I love my house is all the people in my school die to enter it and admire it and when I said DIE I mean it theoretically and spoiler alert I’m a loner and LOVE to work alone Aaah!? I forgot my mom’s conference with the paparazzi that’s what she was acting like a mad queen about it for the last few months.
The door of my bedroom swung open and there she was ! not my mom but Mrs Bentley my caretaker plus Nanny plus one of the maids in my house “Aaah! Indie woke up late today..was it the party you were in yesterday has to do with it??” Mrs Bentley exclaimed and interrogated me at the same time.” Nobe it has nofing to do wif my habif of waking up late” I responded at the same time when I was brushing my teeth. “Darling, clean your mouth first and then talk to me; you should have some etiquettes as you are the daughter of the billionaire” continued Mrs Bentley. I gurgled and said, “Mrs Bentley I was mumbling that: Nope, it has nothing to do with my habit of waking up late and for your information, I was spiked by someone at the party I think it must have been the Mexican guy” “Now immediately clean up and dress formally as you have a conference to attend with the Mistress”. Mrs Bentley passed the message from my mom and left
I wore a presentable nice floral gown which I do not like to wear, it’s weird to go girly-girly as an ‘Androgynous’ female. Sweet cheesecake dipped in mozzarella!!!! I forgot to introduce myself, I am Indigo Aphelion the haters probably call me the Rich hobo because of jealousy. I love that I am an androgynous female and soon as per my mom I will mean me and my mom will be settling in the States of America. She is going to marry some kind of a real estate agent. As per me I love my mom being single and one parent but it’s her life and she’s my mom so her happiness is my happiness.
The conference was about the new amateur writers getting promoted by a celebrity guest which was my mom. It was pretty cool by the way I mean I am not into the charity stuff but this was giving some great positive vibes. It was the time to promote the youthful minds and leave so my mom went to the stage to give the motivational speech but as she was going to the stage I felt something strange like me and my mom is being watched the whole moment, I got up from the VIP seats which was allotted to me and my mom and went to check the backstage, first the makeup rooms and then the green rooms which where the cabins of the entrepreneurs, the hosts and other celebrity guests; nothing felt fishy until there was a cabin which was locked and written ‘Staff Only’ so I tried to break in and in my astonishment, it was a staff lounge and while I was checking the shelves, mini kitchen, the dustbin a phone rang which was on the couch left by some anonymous and it answered itself which was strange it said “ Boss, what to do? the lady is on the stage and giving a speech and I’m on the top of the ceiling holding a really heavy light to throw it on her little head
And the call ended. I ran as fast I could to the auditorium and saw my mom giving the speech her gaze met mine and I started to rush to her expression changed watching my strange behaviour as I went backstage I saw a black figure sitting on the ceiling with huge lighting ready to leave it down on my mom, unfortunately, he saw me and left the grip of the light. “ Mom!!!!!!!!! Lookout!!!!!” and ran to her pushed her and saved her. She being fully blanked out not understanding what happened, the audience was as surprised and horrified at the same as my mom was. Police were called the investigation began. But we had bad luck and the case of this horrible moment was closed and declared unsolvable. Thank Christ that my mom was saved. My mom is very simple and friendly so I don’t think that she would have any bad relationships or any foes. But at the same time, she is my mom mysterious and not giving a single hint of what she is doing to anyone and YEAH anyone means me too. The day of my departure arrived, Our driver Frankie Jonas accompanied us to the airport I mean yeah he was driving DUH.
We both entered the airport and our private jet was ready to kick start any kiss the skies but as we were on the stairs to enter the JAMIE 22 our private jet my mom got a strange call of blackmailing which I sneaked into her cabin and secretly listened to; it was weird but surprisingly it was the real agent guy my mom and he were fighting over a stupid theme of their engagement and wedding so I returned to my cabin and napped. I felt weird again as I did at the conference it was like I was in my dream and I saw asteroids and some ship crashing and walking and fire everywhere. Some weird looking creature came to me and dragged his nails through me I gasped in terror and woke up shouting for help. Mom came fleeing leaving her cabin at once, “Indie??? are you okay? Is something off??? Or you are getting breathing problems?????” No mom, I said, it was just a terrible nightmare you can go and do your work I am fine. She left but this weird heaviness in my rib was disturbing me.
We landed at the Los Angeles Airport it was 6 am; beautiful dawn but still feeling off about the dream. It was useless and meaningless so I didn’t give any attention to it and focused on my so-called studies, my mom planned to give education to the high school she wanted her to go but due to her pregnancy didn’t manage to get in but see her now what a wonderful mom and a great person. We rested in the 5 seasons hotel and went sightseeing which is checking in my house with my stepdad or dad? I am just confused about what to call him dad or Mr Brendan? Because as per my theory he would have been my stepdad if my biological dad was dead which my mom also doesn’t know where in the name of Christ he is or even alive but Bexley says to call him dad so yeah he will be my dad soon.
Uncle Frankie dropped us at the 44th fier street of Santa Monica. Was a huge building stood before us? Futuristic architecture a pool with a small island in between then a lawn full of flowers and in it there was a gazebo with a smart fireplace in the middle of it. “Mom!!!!!!! This is now called living a dream!!!!! “I said it in a North American cowboy accent which my mom loves when I talk in that accent because my great grandmother used to talk like that accent but now has passed away. Ms Bexley Aphelion? A stranger who looked very elegant interrogated.Hello!My name is Jackson, You must be Indie, On the second thought I was shocked it was Mr Brendan so he was real old from my mom; looked like he was 10 years elder than my mother. Brendan was his professional name, Jackson was the original name. Well leave that, Jackson made a great impression on me and my mom was too surprised because till now they only attended calls and face timed each other. He was tall like a basketball player, indeed, he used to play basketball earlier but left it due to Mrs Chu’s cancer they failed to raise the donations so due to the sorrowful act Jackson was forced to leave basketball even if he didn’t want to. Oh, My Gwadddd!!! It looked like a science fiction movie set spoiler alert my last house was like Hogwarts academy and this?!!!!!!!!!!! Is a whole new aesthetic introduced to my mom, I mean I saw the pictures on my Instagram but as Bexley Aphelion is a workaholic and health-conscious she is too old school to fit in but her methods to her work are very particular so all retired and bosses or any experienced senior people praise her very much. Well, my mom is an inspiration to younger minds. Today my mom had a photoshoot on the magazine cover or something so she allotted new staff her and some personal bodyguards for security. She went in her Bentley and I was with Mrs Bentley’s son Lancelot. He looked my age; looked so quiet and peaceful just like Mrs Bentley. “Are you in the LGBTQ community??” he asked. Well as you know I’m an androgynous female people tend to ask that if I’m a lesbian which I am not kinda. No, I replied; why do you have any issues???? Lancelot turned red and said, “ Never mind, I don’t have any issues I liked your character in fashion it’s a mix of aesthetic artist and a tomboy”. “Wise words to say from an old fashioned person” I teased him and that’s how our friendship started. “Hey, lance I think I should take a nap right? You know yesterday’s flight and mom is being busy lately so………?? Yeah, you can Indie??? Ummmmmmmmm, I have this thought in my mind like I have a friend who wants to kickstart in the fashion industry so can you request Ms Aphelion that my friend wants to inspire future generations. I stood like an idiot for a moment, stared at his face which flushed within no second and then I giggled and replied, “ Yes, you can call my Indie, and second of all lance I know that you don’t have any friends sorry to say that because you and your mom are used to travelling like us and that person who you are referring to is you right????? Don’t speak anything honey I will talk to my mom when she returns okay you too freshen up and relax in the staff lounge okay????? I smiled and went to the room on the first floor with a huge window. The bed was softer than a feather because it was a water bed. Personally, Jackie introducing new things to my mom impressed me too and For your information, they got engaged an hour ago; surprising right???? I know it is weird that I didn’t attend my own mom’s engagement. My life is weird, that my mom is a billionaire then I am a kid who wants to fit in but gets bullied by the internet media and people that billionaire’s daughter has no etiquette as they think royal people and billionaire have the same life. I don’t care if anyone says that about me because Everyone in this world is going to die and at some point, we will be forgotten too. Name it astronauts, singers and famous actors no one will remember them until a thing related to them pops up on the internet and for the namesake, they will show sympathy or addiction to them like I miss them and all. I also didn’t know when I dozed off in my room. I start to hear it again the beeping, the screaming it was like I had been through it like déjà vu I could feel the heat of the fire, I could feel blood leaking through me the pain of me being stabbed and sobbing and screaming in pain. The alien-looking creature was still with me like it tried to kill me half to death and now it is protecting me; to be honest, it felt so real and secondly it was so bizarre. The creature collapsed on the other side my gaze being weak and blurry I heard, “ We need to protect her, she is only lead to us……..through her, we should communicate with other people just like her. Then someone removed the sharp object from my abdomen and then I heard a long beeping which indicated I died. Less than a second I woke up fast looking for help I felt dizzy and nauseous; I lost my gaze.

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