Ugly Girl

Amidst a bed of atrocious roses, Laid a girl, eternally ugly.
In grotesque she found refuge, in beauty she found flaw
A repulsive soiled painting she was, indeed a woman of straw

As drops of blood trickled down her bare body,
A smile shone across her horrid face.
Thorns that claimed to be her closest,
Had embraced their ally with utmost, charming grace

Perhaps what could she do but lay there,
And admire the leaves that brushed up against her.
A little woman of flaw that she was,
Indulged in the shameful act of shedding a tear.

Now when blood and tear combined,
And dripped down her face so pale,
Ugliness stood beside that very bed of hers,
With a wicked smile underneath her tattered veil.

And as she lifted that veil their eyes met,
“Am I beautiful?” she asked her queen.
Ugliness kissed her crimson forehead and whispered,
“the most beautiful I have ever seen”

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