She woke up holding onto the same hope that she’d been holding onto ever since she laid her eyes on him. Now, who was he? What’d he do to make her feel again? The answer is simple. He didn’t believe what others said, rather he believed in her. Sure, he hung out around people with different opinions but that never affected his own mindset. We are a generation of one night stands, friends with benefits, hook-ups and what not, but she always felt like she didn’t belong. She knew she wasn’t the only one who thought this way, that’s why she wanted to find her mate in the one who feels like he doesn’t belong either. All she ever wanted was true love, something old school, something real. Her idea of love was and remains to this day the bond between two people that holds them together through each phase of their lives. She’s young, she’s still to see a lot, but, one thing that she’s sure to find someday is that one guy who she can call hers. Someone who can hold her hand, and while their fingers are intertwined, it would give her a sense of relief and assurance that this is her person. He came into her life unexpectedly but his unexpected entry brought feelings for her, some that she’d never thought she’d experience. What were these feelings that she thought she’d never experience?. Well, the answer could only be found when she was with him. She didn’t know who he was or what he was doing there, all she knew was that he was a stranger to her for the time being. Each love story begins between strangers, this one was no different. All she could see in him at the first glance was someone who was calm and nurturing. She was unsure as to whether he’d like her, for she was just a simple girl, nothing better than the bunch surrounding him. He did notice her but didn’t approach, she wanted to approach but couldn’t muster the courage, hence they didn’t converse. But fate brought them together for the mere excuse of work. Both of them got to know each other’s likes, dislikes, preferences, experiences and everything in between. His calm nature and sweet gesture is what caught her attention the most. He was kind, fun, sweet, protective, cute and everything that she’d dreamt of. He always spoke of things directly, without beating around the bush. Pointing out any negative quality in him was a failure. She didn’t even realise when her feelings grew stronger and she fell in love. Her face glowed in his presence, some people could see how much she felt for him by the way she looked at him. If only he could see that too. She didn’t fall for him for his appearance, she could never, she fell for his soul, for the way he made her feel. She became a whole new person around him, she could be herself. She loved listening to him, especially when he talked about things he loved, there was a spark in his eyes whenever he spoke of music and his favourites. His eyes were brown with a hint of flirt, his lips plump, face innocent and skin tan like shiny caramel. The way his lips smirked, the way his eyes squint, how his gorgeous skin shined under the sun, how his nose scrunched in the cutest way possible, she noticed each detail and fell in love even more. There was no doubt that any girl could fall for him. His mere touch sent waves of lightning through each nerve in her body. He shared his feelings with her, his ambitions, his true self and she wanted to be there with him, for him, through everything. Whenever she talked of him all she could say was, she felt loved and safe around him. She felt as if no force in this whole world could harm her in his presence. But even though she was feeling all of this, she was scared to confess. She didn’t want to lose him, not at the risk of her love confession. Though she was just friends with him, his presence in her life meant more to her than him being her mate for life. He was a person who wasn’t ready to commit, and upon discovering this she made up her mind that she’d never tell him that she didn’t just love him, she was in love with him. He’d been involved with someone in the past but that didn’t bother her, what bothered her was the fact that they couldn’t be together. He thought that there were certain boundaries in a relationship that he didn’t think were right. Perhaps he was right, but what he might want was something she desired the most. She somehow told him that she only liked him, without revealing the love feelings knowing the outcome. She even told him in the quirkiest way possible. She was flustered, embarrassed as she’d told him that she liked him and just took off. She didn’t wait to see how his brows furrow upon hearing the confession or how his facial expressions change into surprise or shock or anything else. Though when they met again they cleared up the air and he said that he liked her too. Though the only setback was he needed time and knowing that he liked her back she was more than willing to give him all the time in the world if it meant it would spark up even the tiniest possibility of them being together.

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