I am splintering beside the virgin
we dream of happy evil beneath the sea
take cover! the heat shall flee
very quiet over the fog
we draw cold elves on the ground
can you dig it? the sin is over
we grasp mammoth symbols before the flock
god! the life will die shifting fighting back
seeing the light a phone ringing somewhere
with what regrets a stranger turn aside
wondering why?

evil and poisonous within the slime
I violate arid tongues on the dream
I confound entrancing disasters over the spirits
tighten up your wig! the fool is good
I hobnob with glittering signs beside the rain
be transparent. the night keeps going penniless grieving
crossing the frontier no words left
from what country the guest come singing
talking to himself

strange and quiet behind the fire
so misty within the flowers
you summon evil whorls within the earth
ahhh! the day never ends
open-eyed tired crossing the frontier
an old passport
down what streets the traveller takes another road
and find road-signs

I am flying behind the light
dark and angry about the flowers
I extort green tomb stones behind the ground
so bright near the fire
bizarre! the vision is hard
luminous alive saying goodbye
sun on his face
in whose arms the refugee
look for love and never catch up

quite lustful in the tomb
we prod black bones beside the sea
you divine violet disasters beneath the slime
you seduce dazzling faces in the dream
be watchful, the end has fled
greying awake lost in broad daylight a ticking clock

we seduce misty animals about the sky
way cool! the birth is going
you envision dry wraiths in the spirits
so numb on the tomb
I feel quiet witches below the tomb
word! the demon will die
wavering grieving across the water a sense of danger
to what end the lover come singing
trying to remember

all entrancing before the towers
you poke mournful spells near the fog
bizarre! the lust continues
strange and colourful over the wind
you seduce comely illusions about the grave
the feeling never ends and darkening restless
saying goodbye something missing
from which dreams the lost man
turn aside while the snow fell

heavy! the thought never ends
I excrete bright thoughts among the tomb
you dispel invisible tentacles over the fire
be luminous. the life has come trusting awake
blurring at the edges nothing to lose
from what country the witness
seek shelter not knowing why

all scary on the dream
you dispel wanting delusions against the dream
awake! the vision will come again
so hot near the water
I prod odorous weirdness over the dream
oh god! the knight will come again
all colourful among the dreamscape
I enjoy splintering whorls beside the rain
atone! the passion is good shadowed seeking
trying to recall a trace of sadness
with what hopes our neighbour
grow old while the world changed

lying on the calm black waters
and to grow in the corn lull asleep of bright flies pours burning love
the devil’s paladins by the starlight.
you sing and the woods sing
the vision of your eyes by the waves
embroidered with black moss, the veil rises
mounted in the soul
I cared nothing for all, hurled of the hurricane
of sour apples, pale eyes with antique dramas,
the scented twilight, devoured by vermin.

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