Vampire in my bedroom

The blinding heat of the sun was calmed by an air conditioner in the antique store as I rummaged through the racks, trying to calm my shopping addiction.
I had now reached the very back of the store, where a tall shelf stood with numerous jewellery boxes sitting on top. I glanced my way through the entire shelf, until a beautifully carved silver ring caught my eye.

The ring was made of a twined silver band with a blue and white gemstone sitting at the crown, carved with a beautiful mythical creature which looked a lot like a mix of a unicorn and a dragon. The ring sat on top of a cushioned dusty red velvet box and I picked it up as gently as I could. I felt as though the ring was attracting me towards it, and I carried it to the counter at the entrance of the store, where the owner sat, waiting for the lingering window shoppers to pass. When I reached the antique off white wooden counter and passed on the box to the owner, he looked astounded, as though he could not decide whether he was more concerned, shocked or relieved at my choice. He took out a small net pouch, to put the ring in and muttered in a small voice, not sure whether he should warn me or not. He cautioned me about the ring being cursed, but I ignored it, denying the existence of any such powers.
I left the shop, rushing back home as soon as possible, too eager to get back home and try on the ring. Soon after reaching home, I ran to my room and stood in front of the dresser, opening up the box and taking out the ring as delicately and quickly as I could. I touched the stones and the carving gingerly and put the perfectly fitting ring on my finger, still not used to its beauty. Soon after putting on the ring, I started to feel dizzy and fell back on my bedroom floor, not remembering anything that happened after.

My eyes opened late in the evening and a strong thirst had taken over my entire body. I stood up, more gracefully than I was used to, to check myself out in the mirror and confirm that everything was alright. When I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I was unable to recognise the person in front of me. She stood a little taller, had eyes a little bigger, and lips a little fuller. I tried to scream but my voice came out in a melodious shrill. I looked down at my finger where I had put the ring on, and now the silver gemstone had turned to a deep red. I tried to pull the ring out, but it just wouldn’t come off. I got tired of trying to pull it off as the thirst took over more and more of my body. I decided to take a break and quench the unbearable thirst. As I started to walk towards the kitchen, I realised, it did not take any effort at all to walk or climb down the stairs. I swiftly walked into the kitchen, my steps making no noise. I felt as though I was a predator, walking towards its prey. I also felt my senses heighten and was very aware of any movements in my surroundings. I was able to hear sounds as far as the end of the block very clearly. The apartment next door was watching the reality TV show, real housewives and eating salted pringles while sitting on their couch.
When I fetched myself some water, and drank, it did nothing but increase my thirst.

Suddenly a strong breeze flew through the open window bringing along a delicious scent that promised to quench my thirst. I decided to follow the delicious fragrance, not realising that I had easily got out of the window, when I was suddenly stopped by a boy. He seemed to be the same age as me, had the same sharp features as my new face, and his light brown curls looked as though he had just gotten out of bed. I was almost a foot shorter than him, and his face had a look of annoyance. I tried to get rid of his hold as my thirst was getting more and more out of control, but he refused to let me go. He grabbed me tighter which surprisingly did not hurt at all but rather just felt uncomfortable. He pulled me down the dungeon alley behind my apartment and quietly ordered me to start running. When I refused to, he grabbed my arm tighter, and started running himself. I quickly caught up with his pace and when I looked around, I saw that we were running so fast that it was almost as if we were flying. I had never experienced anything like this before.

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