Veils of Lies

there are millions of delicate masks
shrouding the silhouette of the scattered faces
across the world, obscuring the beauty
which lies in the raw tenderness of truth

there are hidden cracks on smiles
with scars the heart beholds
retreating behind the veils of lies
basking in the falsehood which is just an illusion

behind the masks, behind the indefinite lies
rests the whirlwind of truth
which is both sweet and sour
which is both menacing and tranquil

the veils are never dropped, shadowing the light
creaking out of the windows of our heart
this light which is hued by reeling and aching
ever trapped in the crevices on our brittle armour of soul

smiles, joy and peace are the fallacious walls
which we carefully erect by pieces in our hearts
to strengthen the crumbling bricks of the fortress
where resides only desolation and pain

we all our waging battles inside
crushing our souls, suffocating in disguise
so why do we hide the eternal yearning
of letting all our vulnerabilities to rise

rest your eyes on your reflections
see, there are many indentations in your soul
which are craving to gleam in the light of truth
and not masqueraded by the veils of lies

draw open these curtains and veils
let convulated tapestries of your heart be shown
as the landscape of your parched soul is
waiting to be showered and unveiled by the truth

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