If he save everyone, whom you call a hero
Then none will want to become a anti hero

Tell me world what I did wrong,
I carry my own burden all along.
None was their to share this with me,
So I became what I wanted to be.

I was seen as a darkness,
I was seen as a nights,
I was seen as a shadow,
They think I’ll lose all the fights.

None was there when my loved ones died
None to console me when I cried,
Justice was there for the victims not for sinners,
Are we just a food to be served as a dinner

Why did we commit such a crime?
Can someone ask so we can explain.
We never wanted food , money or power,
We just wanted things which were just ours.

Can you tell light follows the darkness,
Or darkness follows the light.
Will you be able to look at the sun’s brightness,
Will you be able to hate the night?

Everyone is a sinner they know from their soul,
None has been ever born who never played the foul.
The thing is that my sins has been shown,
For that as a villain to the whole world I was known.

You can call me a villain ,
Because my story is well- hidden.
But once it’ll be unfold,
I’ll be looked at as a hero you once told.

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