I am the begetter of every evil and the defender of devastation. I swiftly cruise my way out of the shambles of ruin, playing with the handsome fire with a villainous smirk on my scared face, and you wonder if I feel any remorse for the havoc I cause. I inhabit, hallows of the cataclysm; I take pride in my closet full of bones and the heart that I don’t wear on my sleeves anymore.
I once gravely cared for the ones I loved and feared the unexplored. But then reality struck me like a fanatic comet hitting the surface of earth, and I unhinged myself from the hysteria of it all. I ran far north without any intention to return. I heard distant echoes cooing me to halt. I chose this poignant defeat over the falsity of the masquerading paradise, and now it’s my entire fault?
I am the bad-guy they say, hated the most among all. I am not your typical hero who salvages the world; they sing you lullabies about the righteous gospeler, but it’s tempting to have my grotesque portrait on your wall. I am the one who is destined to be redoubtable; you watch plays and read sonnets about my enticing scandals. I am the hand-brewed potion of calamity, but you find yourself simpering on my thought, eternally questioning your sanity.
I am not noble; I enjoy the tormenting pain of abandonment, and I don’t prefer to reason. You will wait for me to manifest my emotions, just to find me betraying your confidence as I walk away contemptuously committing the ultimate treason.
The city needs someone to loathe and fear, and I blithely volunteer. They blame me for every fiasco and every bridge that burns. I am supposed to be a vile dictator disguised as some lone wanderer, and they expect me to secretly mourn? In their book of honor, I am the chapter they gladly skip; I terrorize the night town with my vengeful laugh; it’s just an old promise that I love to keep.
I will never come close to the monumental persona of their beloved god; I am the one who sabotages and frauds. But when the heaven starts to tremble and the sky falls, the ethical warrior will relinquish you to protect the world. But I will incinerate the doomed world to save you, my girl.

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