It felt like watching sunrise on a winter morning.
Pink skies, sun blushing and a breath of fresh air gushing against our cheeks as we sat at the balcony.
Just as fragile as those flower petals which bloomed out the fence of our balcony.
Strong and intoxicating like that morning coffee.
Even after so many years, not a tinge of romance had faded.
It wasn’t about fancy dates anymore.
More about smiling at each other through our eyes while we noticed each other’s hair slowly turning grey.
More of staying in, lounging on a couch and eating our favourite choc-chip cookies sipping hot chocolate.
It was about making up to each other by cooking their favourite dish;
Leaving little love notes on the laptop during a busy day just to cheer them up.
It was jumping around like children
Arguing like snooty teenagers,
Whining like mid-aged beaus
And taking care of each other like an old couple.
Not sure if it was
Old school romance
But certainly, a romance metamorphosing into a vintage love.

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