It takes a big man to stand up against something he truly believes in because he noticed a mistake in the system. However, it takes an even bigger man to admit his own mistake and be ready to face the consequences. Everyone is ready to criticize another person for his or her mistakes but reluctant to even consider the possibility of being in the wrong themselves. Life has come to a point where it is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong. It has even become nearly impossible to do something that you yourself consider to be right because it may or may not have negative repercussions on others. A commonly used example- A doctor can save the lives of five patients but, in order to do so, he or she requires the organs of a healthy individual leading to the death of that person. Imagine yourself in this scenario. Would you rather save the lives of five patients by indirectly killing the healthy individual or let the individual live and inevitably kill those five patients? When ethics get involved, things get more complicated. In both cases, death is certain. So what is right or wrong here? After coming to a conclusion, a stubborn person would argue why his or her answer is correct but as we all know, pride comes before a fall. Therefore, there is no right or wrong. Most people would rather risk the life of one person than five, even though it will lead to the death of one individual. However, in cases where there clearly is right or wrong and a person chooses wrong but the person realizes the mistake and decides to own up to it, even though the stakes are high, that person has grown and has become more mature that he or she was before. After all, you can’t spell ‘WRONG’ without ‘GROWN’. Learning from your mistakes is a sign of growth.

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